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One of the students, Finuala, a first year social science student worked with me on her work placement,.  This project brought together six UCC students, with six people attached to services for people with intellectual, neurological and physical disabilities.  All twelve participated in a six-week DE course.  Key student Finuala and key community partner Vera […]

Student Blog 3 J Fitzgibbon

I found my participation as a student volunteer with this project created a deeper interest in the historical and contemporary policies and issues around institutional care for citizens with disabilities in Ireland.  Although, I considered myself politically engaged I hadn’t given much consideration to this topic previously.  However, listening to Matt and Val’s stories of […]

Student Blog 2 Dave Walker

Digital Storytelling/Archiving as Pedagogic Resource Personal Learning Blog Personal Background: I’m a mature student (60yrs old) and have a long history of activism in a variety of causes from Environmental, through Anti-whaling, Animal Cruelty, Banning Foxhunting, Food safety and pesticide usage, Anti-racism protests, Migrant Rights & Equality, CND and Stop the Arms Trade to campaigns […]

Aaron Kohrs Student UCC

Reflection Whilst completing a work placement with Gertrude Cotter, I became familiar and fond of Val Browne, and Matthew Whitney and soon saw beyond their disabilities. I learned not only about what work needs to be done in regard to disability policy and societal attitude, but how to change it — through relationships, engagement, and […]

Social Roles Valorisation

“Social Role Valorization, or SRV for short, is a dynamic set of ideas useful for making positive change in the lives of people disadvantaged because of their status in society.  SRV is utilized mainly in service to children and adults with impairments as well as elders, but it can be helpful to uplift the social […]